Error uploading file in Windows: this looks like a bug, please confirm...

Ton Kuypers tkuypers at
Sat Jul 22 02:45:18 EDT 2006

Thanks for the quick response, but to bad...
There are no spaces in the username or password and I have full  
access to the server.
Using put ("ftp://") & "user:password at servername/wwwroot/ 
Schedule.html" into url vURL now creates an empty file in the correct  
location, but no data is in it.

Also creating the file locally and then uploading it to the ftp  
server doesn't work, creating the file in the root directory of the  
FTP server and then moving it to the correct location creates an  
empty file as well...

Can anyone reproduce this on Windows? On the Mac it works fine...

Warm regards,

Ton Kuypers
Digital Media Partners bvba
Tel. +32 (0)477 / 739 530
Fax +32 (0)14 / 71 03 04

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