Dependence on Programming Experts

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On 7/12/06 2:01 PM, "Joe Miller" <jmmiller at> wrote:
 > That said, it's really no big deal.  I have been fascinated by the
> discussion and was just a little surprised at the quantity and
> intensity of the objections to having "equal"  as just an option.

Basically, Rev uses the symbol '=' in place of the word 'is', a state of

x is 99
x= 99

x > 99
x < 99 

x is empty
x = empty
x = ""
x is false
x = true

Rev uses 'PUT 99 into x' as an ACTION.
put 99 into x
put 22 & " ducks" after word 1 of line 16 of fld textBlock
put "horse" before fld cart

get line 2 of fld archive
get the short name of btn 1

set the name of fld 1 to "comments"

being  >  is    is not   contains     is in
action  >  get  set  put  add  subtract  filter  sort  combine  split

Occasionally there might be a surge in popularity to add the phrase
    filter noise from list

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