Looping in quicktime movies

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On Jul 1, 2006, at 8:38 PM, Stgoldberg at aol.com wrote:

> Can someone suggest a good way of making a quicktime movie play  
> continuously
> back and forth rather than starting from the beginning with each  
> loop? This
> would be useful in creating a realistic continuous water wave  
> motion that does
> not loop and jerk back to the beginning of the movie when the movie  
> ends.


This is called palindrome looping and is possible using QuickTime  
though Revolution doesn't have built-in support for it.  It you don't  
mind using an external then you can use the EnhancedQT external to  
set the loop type of a movie in a player object to "palindrome".  The  
command you would need is qtMakeMovieLoop.  You can find the  
documentation for this at:


Click on "Movie Properties" in the frame on the left and then click  
on qtMakeMovieLoop in the list of handlers.  The external is  
available here:


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