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On 7/2/06 12:04 AM, "Trevor DeVore" <lists at> wrote:

>> Thank you Trevor.  That is exactly what I was trying to do.  Am I
>> correct then that the default installation permits access to
>> Valentina databases (with the 10 minute timeout) only through the
>> rev database library (or through a third party library such as
>> yours) in the absence of the Valentina XCMD?
> That is correct.  You have to download the Valentina XCMD
> separately.  For Valentina 1 I recommend using the Valentina external
> directly and bypassing RevDB.  With RevDB you can't use encryption
> and a lot of other fancy Valentina features.
> For Valentina 2, Paradigma has created a bridge between the RevDB
> driver and the Valentina 2 external.  You can connect to Valentina 2
> using RevDB but then use a function they provide to get a reference
> that can be passed to any of Valentina external functions.  This
> makes experimenting with Valentina easier since you can use RevDB.
> If you decide you like it, you can then access the extensive
> Valentina API without having to change any of your connection code.

Let me add here:

    Feature that Trevor describes is in latest 2.4 betas of V4REV 2

    * RevDB support
    * bridge between RevDB and Valentina API
            if I not mistake, in both sides...

    * Valentina for Revolution is in Universal Binary format

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