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Pierre Sahores psahores at
Tue Jan 31 12:13:46 CST 2006

Hi Dan and All,

> Then I discoverd Ruby on Rails. For me -- and certainly there are
> other frameworks out there that others may favor -- no other Web app
> development approach comes even close. Interestingly, there's no good
> graphical IDE for creating Rails Views either. Hmmmm. Guess where i"m
> headed?
> :-)

Just found this with the great help of DEVONAgent : <http://>.

This paper explain us how to manage web client-side .js dynamic  
contents without having to trash our sweety Revolution as server-side  
development environment. This "lesson" detail how to do without any  
methodology changes for the ones of us whose are binding Apache and  
Rev via a little piece of PHP-RPC. Must work too, after some tunning  
with standard ".mt" or .cgi Rev-based cgis.

About "Ruby on Rails", not sure that the server-side stuff is realy  
complete and solid in about eavy concurrent accesses. It seems not to  

Best Regards,
Pierre Sahores

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