Variable Database in revdb_connect

Jeff Honken jhonken at
Wed Jan 4 12:57:07 EST 2006

That worked great thanks,  With the little test script that I wrote it
connects great the first time but if I press the button a second time it
gives me an error.  Can you give me some insight into why it errors on
the second attempt to connect.  Will it always error if I don't close
the connection of the previous connection first?  I thought it would
just connect again with a different connection ID. 

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You got some errors in your query...
try this string:

put revdb_connect("sqlite", database ,,,,, "Address at", "bdJycJ") 
into tConID

also it is recommended to always quote strings, as it could get you in 
trouble if you later make a variable with that name:

put "x12provider" into database

On Jan 04 2006, at 18:02, Jeff Honken wrote:

> on mouseUp
>      put x12provider into database
>   put revdb_connect("sqlite","& database
> &",,,,,"Address at","bdJycJ") into tConID
>   if tConID is "" then
>     answer warning "Problem creating or accessing database!"
>   else
>     put tConID into gConID
>   end if
>   answer gConID
> end mouseUp

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