Transcript and Dot Notation

Garrett Hylltun garrett at
Sun Feb 26 03:55:57 EST 2006

On Feb 26, 2006, at 12:41 AM, Dan Shafer wrote:

> Judy.....
> I preferred to take this off-llist. You chose to make it a public
> fight. I choose not to engage.
> I did not intend that anyone would see my comment about paranoia as an
> attack on any individual or indeed on any specific position on this
> issue. I was referring to the general level of heat that arose around
> what seemed to me to be a fairly unemotional, intriguing technical
> discussion.
> You implied strongly that I somehow thought I was better than everyone
> else, going so far as to suggest that I thought my money had more
> value than everyone else's. That's ridiculous.
> I will bow out of this conversation now. I apologize to anyone who was
> offended by my flip use of the word "paranoia." And maybe now it's
> time for me to stop starting new discussions on this board at all.
> What a sad turn of events.

Maybe if you would talk to everyone and not down on everyone and  
accept that your opinion is just that, your opinion, and that others  
may or may not agree with your opinion, and that others might  
actually have an opinion of their own, and that your opinion may not  
be the defacto opinion... Eeeee.. If you don't get the point this far  
into it then disregard.

I wasn't even in this topic, but ya even ticked me off with the "Dan  
Shafer is all knowing and all powerful... kneel before my splendor,  
revel in my glorious ideas, and make it so; you little minions of  
mine!" attitude.  That might be a bit of a harsh way of saying it,  
but not sure how to put it into something that won't totally offend you.


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