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Sun Feb 26 03:41:12 EST 2006


I preferred to take this off-llist. You chose to make it a public
fight. I choose not to engage.

I did not intend that anyone would see my comment about paranoia as an
attack on any individual or indeed on any specific position on this
issue. I was referring to the general level of heat that arose around
what seemed to me to be a fairly unemotional, intriguing technical

You implied strongly that I somehow thought I was better than everyone
else, going so far as to suggest that I thought my money had more
value than everyone else's. That's ridiculous.

I will bow out of this conversation now. I apologize to anyone who was
offended by my flip use of the word "paranoia." And maybe now it's
time for me to stop starting new discussions on this board at all.

What a sad turn of events.

On 2/25/06, Judy Perry <jperryl at> wrote:
> Dan,
> Wait a minute...
> *MY* personal insult???  Weren't you the one who dealt my argument the
> death blow of being mere "paranoia"?  After having personally resurrected
> it from irrelevantdom?
> Does it get more personal than that?  I am paranoid therefore my arguments
> need not be considered?
> And I was just about to issue a postscript to remind people that I wasn't
> attacking you, only your argument that people who oppose dot.syntax are
> paranoid...
> Forget Jeesh.  Holy cow!
> It was not a personal attack.  I posited that I thought dot.syntax was an
> unwise addition to the language.  You responded by saying that my argument
> constituted paranoia.  Now, that's personal.  You didn't say that my
> argument was wrong... no, you said I was paranoid.  That's personal.
> Did I say you were a jerk?  No, but you said I was paranoid.
> Can no-one disagree with your positions without resulting rancor?
> Judy
> On Sat, 25 Feb 2006, Dan Shafer wrote:
> > My Gosh, Judy, you do get emotional about the strangest stuff. Lighten
> > up. This is a theoretical discussion about language syntax, not a
> > public policy decision that could result in the deaths of millions.
> >
> > Yeesh.
> >
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