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Thu Feb 23 01:01:18 EST 2006

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> On 2/23/06, bryan at <bryan at> wrote:
> > Kevin,
> >
> > It crashes simply by having the thing open. Several other people on 
> > this list have reported problems with this release, so it 
> would seem 
> > best to take these responses seriously. I have been using 
> > MetaCard/RunRev for over 6 years. I've worked in the 
> software industry 
> > for over 18 years all the way back to HyperCard 1.0. I realize it's 
> > asking a lot to trust a total stranger on this, but I do know when 
> > this sort of problem is a "me" issue and when it isn't. 
> This release 
> > is not at all like the others. It's the first one that has had 
> > crashers simply by being open. It does not have the feel of 
> something stable, at all. It has even managed to bring down 
> the machine. None of the other Rev releases have had any 
> serious issues running on exactly the same set-up. It seems 
> to me something serious got missed. And I appear not to be 
> alone in that opinion.
> What plugins do you have Bryan? Maybe one of them is opening 
> on startup and doing something weird. While I haven't run 2.7 
> under Windows yet, many other people have done so without 
> experiencing your crashes.


I pasted text from rev to outlook and rev 2.7 crashes! Seeing if I could
reproduce it I found 2 more bugs! And another with the clipboard not
respecting html text colors. And the select all which doesn't work on first

I averaged at least a crash a day Sarah. I entered 200 bugs of which 100 are
still open (10% of opened bugs), some are months old and still unconfirmed,
some are older than a year!

2.7 is a big step forward (and there's even an NT event!) but given the
circumstances under which is see Rev crash by just pasting or double
clicking text, something else is not tested or not tested right (no insult
meant but are windows testers also windows users? Could a windows user test
rightfully a mac application?). And given recent developments I can't even
test in other windows environments I have at work! 

I don't use plugins (some of which don't "look" tested on windows btw). 2.6
didn't crash like this. I Install 2.7 and start loosing work again... that's
not cool! And when I started to help the MC list, well, that's another
story... But the result is clear cut on my side.

I stand fully by Bob and Brian in the windows camp with almost their exact
words. What 2.7 represents to me is that I have to go back review and update
all my open bugzillas, I have to retest each stack again to make sure all is
still ok. Save even more often than before. All worked finally great in
2.6... We're talking days of work to switch versions! And when 2.7.1 comes
out, repeat again.

Sorry, im fed up too - and to Kevin's greatest pleasure and unfortunately
for those with questions in the mailist, it's past the point of no return.

So long and thanks for all the stacks

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