Win XP and Rev 2.7

Bob Warren robertum at
Wed Feb 22 16:14:36 EST 2006

Kevin wrote:

 >The 2.7 release was primarily developed on Windows and extensively 
 >tested there.  We haven't had any bug reports or support problems that 
 >suggest it isn't stable.  If there was a far-ranging problem we would 
 >have had a lot of feedback in support to that effect.  Obviously if 
 >there is a specific problem, perhaps related to your machine or usage, 
 >we need to track it down and fix it.  Please contact 
support at >with as many details as you have, and we will work 
with you to track it >down from there.

One point to be remembered is that your feedback does not necessarily 
reflect the true situation. In my own case for example, during my first 
try of 2.7 I noted a number of bugs that were likely to upset my 
application and also important things that I had complained about 
previously that had not been fixed. But since I am fed up, sick and 
tired of complaining about bugs, I just shrugged my shoulders and kept 
my mouth shut. I am probably not the only one to react in this way.

The double bind is that while we all recognise that Rev is a great 
product with an enormous potential, if we shout too loud about its 
defects we get accused of spreading negative propaganda, and the bugs 
don't get fixed anyway (at least not quickly enough).


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