Win XP and Rev 2.7

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Wed Feb 22 11:48:46 EST 2006

On 21/2/06 18:34, "bryan at" <bryan at> wrote:

> I have to assume a lot of people using Revolution are not on Windows boxes.
> Why? I have never encountered a more crash prone release of the product. In my
> day-to-day use I have had to roll back and return to using 2.6.1. Rev 2.7 is
> unusable in its current incarnation on Win XP. It crashes multiple times per
> day while doing absolutely nothing. I am amazed that there has been so little
> howling about this on the list. Releasing this version as is for Windows makes
> no sense to me. It is the single biggest negative piece of publicity the
> company could possibly have created for itself. I would urge the company to
> spend the time to fix this release before adding a single new feature.

The 2.7 release was primarily developed on Windows and extensively tested
there.  We haven't had any bug reports or support problems that suggest it
isn't stable.  If there was a far-ranging problem we would have had a lot of
feedback in support to that effect.  Obviously if there is a specific
problem, perhaps related to your machine or usage, we need to track it down
and fix it.  Please contact support at with as many details as you
have, and we will work with you to track it down from there.

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