Difficulty using shell in Ubuntu Linux

Bob Warren robertum at brturbo.com
Tue Feb 21 13:10:54 EST 2006

Dear Stephen,

Unfortunately, the decision whether to use spaces in folder/file names 
is something that is generally out of my hands. In Windows, they are 
used by all and sundry all the time, with absolutely no problem, and of 
course Linux progressively tries to follow similar standards in order to 
compete with Windows. Since I am producing software to work on other 
people's computers rather than my own, I need to take the use of spaces 
into account.

But have no fear, Dave Cope has been here! His solution of using escape 
codes (i.e. "\ ") in command lines works like a charm, and in RR 
programming terms (using REPLACE) it is very simple.


Stephen Barncard wrote:

> I don't think spaces in filenames or foldernames on any platform is a 
> good idea.
> They don't work on my webservers either.
>  Too many platforms don't like them, especially on networks. People 
> have gotten used to OS's that clean up after them but filenames just 
> shouldn't have spaces! I've ingrained myself with no-space habits for 
> years.  Use underscore in place of spaces.
> What do you do? Rename all the files with spaces!!
> sdqb
>> I now have an explanation as to why the shell in (Ubuntu) Linux seems 
>> to work sometimes, but not others: the HD path to the executable for 
>> For example, this works like a charm:
>>   global myVar
>>   put "/home/bob/Desktop/folderwithnospaces/myprog" into myVar
>>   set the defaultFolder to "/home/bob/Desktop/folderwithnospaces"
>>   get shell(myVar)
>> This doesn't work at all:
>>   global myVar
>>   put "/home/bob/Desktop/folder with spaces/yourprog" into myVar
>>   set the defaultFolder to "/home/bob/Desktop/folder with spaces"
>>   get shell(myVar)
>> Exactly the same thing applies to the LAUNCH command.
>> Now what do I do?
>> Any ideas anyone?
>> Bob

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