Switch versus if/then/else ( was: Main menu puzzle, Klaus)

stomfi stomfi at bigpond.com
Mon Feb 20 16:34:53 EST 2006

If the only software worth developing etc
   You had better tell all those open source donkeys at Linux, 
FreeBSD, Mozilla, the GIMP, KDE, GNOME, Audacity, Apache, Xorg et 
al, to stop what they are doing and donate their free time to your 
End if

Regards Stomfi

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Judy Perry wrote:
>  > On Sun, 19 Feb 2006, Geoff Canyon wrote:
>  >
>  >> Just to beat on the horse some more, given the above problem
>  >> statement, I would likely store the names of the fifty handlers in a
>  >> custom property, and do the following:
>  >>
>  >> do (line myParameter of the uHandlerList of this cd)
>  >
>  > And, a non/novice-programmer would simply close Rev and launch
>  > PowerPoint...
> If PowerPoint will do what they need with less work, they'd be a fool 
> not to.
> Rev is a software development tool. The only software worth developing 
> is the stuff that doesn't exist yet.  If what you need already exists 
> it's almost always cheaper to just buy it than make it yourself.
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