Missing Chapter 8 & 9

simplsol at aol.com simplsol at aol.com
Fri Feb 17 13:14:24 EST 2006

Documentation is always a work in process.
But the 2.7 doc has a table of contents that lists chapters which do 
not exist.
Would be nice to have something like "known problems". How could anyone 
tell if these chapters were supposed to be in the current edition or 
not. Other than this list, how can anyone tell if problems such as 
these have already been reported - the email address listed in the 
preface doesn't help see other reports.
Chapter 9 would seem to be particularly relevant in that it proposed to 
describe the file paths which have changed in the new version.
Now my ISP is reporting that the link:
userguide at runrev.com
not working.

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    If you read the preface, the user's guide is a work in progress. I 
believe chapters 8 & 9 are coming and they are soliciting feedback on 
what is currently there. 
 At 10:12 PM 2/16/2006, you wrote: 
  >Is the new pdf for the documentation in 2.7 missing chapters 8 & 9? I 
 >can't find them in mine. If someone else has the same experience with 
>theirs, let me know and I'll Bugzilla it. 
 >Paul Looney 
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