send "mouseUp" & real click

sims sims at
Fri Feb 17 07:03:57 EST 2006

At 11:59 AM +0000 2/17/06, Dave Cragg wrote:
>It's different in the sense that a click will generate both 
>mouseDown and mouseUp events. So if your mouseUp depended on 
>anything that be set by mouseDown, Klaus's idea is probably better.

No go.

>Also, manual clicking will ensure that the stack with the button is 
>the defaultstack and possibly the topstack. Depending on what action 
>your mouseUp handler takes, could that be a factor?

I added a btn to another stack in the app - made that topstack - 
clicked and it would work,
but still cannot get send in time.

Send in time would automate the 'coming out of sleep mode' and set up 
the app to
collect data. I'd rather not need to depend on an Earthling to do 
something   ;-)


European Rev Conference  2006

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