Revolution RUMORS!

Phil Davis davis.phil at
Mon Feb 13 21:13:44 EST 2006

Kay C Lan wrote:
> On 2/14/06, Heather Nagey <heather at> wrote:
>>Dear list folks,
>>I regret that Richmond is back  on the moderated list - he won't be
>>able to post without approval.
> I would hope that now that 2.7 is 'Official' that Richmond's time in the
> corner may be over. I agree with a few others here that Richmond's act was
> not so much a case of intentional hacking but merely an indication that he
> is more curious than most.
> Curiosity may have moderated the cat, but let's face it, the cat's now out
> of the bag:-)

My two cents' worth:

Curiosity is no excuse for taking license with someone else's property. 
Richmond circumvented RunRev's control of their own product marketing 
activities. If he had done that in an employment context, it could even 
be considered an offense worthy of dismissal. As I see it, RunRev will 
be completely justified even if they decide to never let him back on the 

Think of it this way: What if it had been your company, your product, 
your marketing he compromised? How would you feel?

Phil Davis

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