Getting Started with a Database

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Mon Feb 13 17:10:43 CST 2006

May I also suggest you get a copy of the donationware CocoaMySQL:

It makes it extremely easy to determine if your MySQL is set up correctly -
although if it isn't you still have to nut out what the problem is. Best of
all it makes it very easy to create/modify quick 'test' (or in use)
dbs,tables,fields,records. Once you know the db exists and can be
communicated with correctly getting Rev to talk to the db I think you'll
find is relatively simple.

PS As far as cheap and easy dbs MySQL + Rev gets two thumbs up. I am
currently working on Valentina 1.11 + Rev but have run into some problems
which I will probably be posting about shortly - just one more line of
trouble shooting to follow before I seek profesional help from the list:-).
AltSQLite I can't comment on because my definition of cheap is $0 but once I
get Valentina working I am hoping to give the AltSQLite Demo stack a whirl,
just for the experience,but at the end of the day I can't justify the price
- my dbs are all for me, if I actualy made dbs for other people I'd probably
have a completely different answer.

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