[ANN] Speechlab

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Tue Feb 7 12:44:30 EST 2006

Hello Everyone...
I dont know if this is a duplicate of what has been done or seen or heard
before (surely, im not kidding myself - but i thought that a speech module
control would be cool in TAOO - i use it for the chatrev stack so i keep up
in the background... (although Sean's voice is a bit too low pitch i think)
But i thought i'd share this 5 minutes job stack... 
Nothing fancy at all, it just talks to you and allows you to play with speed
and pitch and voices to suit our friends with lower vision or who want to
learn how to speak english (since that's the only language available in
speech engines it seems. ;(. 
And there's a shut up button that's very important but only works for
RevSpeak and not for those who talk to much!...
Enaf said!
Download, screenshot and more talk at
This stack couldn't be more free or open source... It's not restricted in
any way so as to foster vision impaired people. Not that i know any but it's
the right thing to do...
It was ALSO done thanks to the "great" rev documentation which got me in the
rev speech capabilities in seconds. Although there was a certain bugzilla
3308, i wrote a protection for this stack! If the help is too hard for you,
quit computers...
So, it's not that hard at all to make rev speak! Just try it! 

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