How to "retrieve" only useful information in a long list

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Feb 5 23:04:22 EST 2006

On 2/5/06 8:15 PM, "alex wu" <alex298298 at> wrote:

> Ken,
>   This is really great!!!!  What a poweful regular expression of RR!  I always
> think that PERL has the most poweful regular expression.  I need to learn more
> about the regular expression of RR now.
>   Thanks again for your help.

No problem, Alex! But keep in mind that the regular expressions that RR uses
is very similar to those in Perl; it's just that it's done in a more
"xTalk-friendly" way. In fact, the underlying regular expression library in
RR is "PCRE" (Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions). You can get more
information on exactly how to use it at:

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