Web encoded text on email

Wally Rodriguez wlists at fireworksmm.com
Fri Feb 3 15:40:16 EST 2006

Hello Ken:

Thanks for your attention to this issue.

Answers inline...

On Feb 3, 2006, at 12:43 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 2/2/06 9:31 PM, "Wally Rodriguez" <wlists at fireworksmm.com> wrote:
>> I'm so sorry, didn't read the question correctly.
>> This is when using RevMail
>> I have not tried using a mailto: url, but I am trying an applescript
>> OSAX (Xmail) that sends mail directly. Have it about 70% done, and it
>> won't depend on a separate mail client.
> Well, first of all, if you want to send email directly from Rev,  
> you don't
> need to use an AppleScript OSAX to do it - you can do it right from  
> inside
> Rev with Sean Shao's libSMTP with or without Chipp Walter's  
> altEmailHarness
> wrapper around libSMTP (which makes sending mail super simple).
>   libSMTP:
>   altEmailHarness:
>   http://www.altuit.com/webs/altuit2/RunRev/Downloads.htm

I have them both, but my email server does not like the way libSMTP  
is formatting the messages and they always fail. I'll try to catch  
the message next time.

In the meantime I was using this OSAX for a FileMaker solution and  
since it was already installed on the other systems and we've been  
using it for a long time, I figured I would use the same thing. I  
finished implementing it today and it's working well.

> RevMail uses the 'mailto:' protocol internally, so that's obviously  
> not
> working for you.
>> Each one has its benefits. I would still like to find out why it's
>> happening.
> When the mail sending fails, will it always fail with the same  
> message? If
> so, you can send me the message and I'll look at it and see if there's
> something in it that doesn't get encoded properly...

I'll look into the error as I would like to do it all from within REV.

Thanks a lot!

> Ken Ray

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