mysql to valentina using libdatabase

Robert Mann robmann at
Fri Dec 29 08:05:02 EST 2006

I only need to get my current mysql database converted to valentina so I can
continue to test if all goes well I will then change over to valentina, but
it would be nice to learn how to do this just in case I need to do this in
the future

Robert Mann

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On 06/29/12 4:52 AM, "Robert Mann" <robmann at> wrote:

> trying to convert a mysql database to a valentina database searching the
> list I ran across libDatabase and looks like it will do the conversion, I
> just having a hard time figuring out how to use it tried to go through the
> getting started, to run this do you put the following in the message box?
> put "mysql" into tDbA["Type"]
> put "localhost" into tDbA["Host"]
> put "recipes" into tDbA["Name"]
> put "root" into tDbA["Username"]
> put "" into tDbA["Password"]
> libDatabase_RegisterDatabase "myrecipesdb", tDbA
> libDatabase_Connect "myrecipesdb"
> libDatabase_GetDBConnectionID("myrecipesdb")


I did forget to ask:

    you need convert only one existed database, or
    you need that your application is able do this at any time
    with any mySQL db ?

Best regards,

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