Bugzilla down - Revzilla loses its mind

Geir A. Myrestrand geir.myrestrand at falconstor.com
Fri Dec 22 22:24:02 EST 2006

Scott Rossi wrote:
> Recently, Geir A. Myrestrand wrote:
>>> Actually, the word "bugzilla" has been purged from the system as much as
>>> possible. "Bugs" are now "Reports" in order to encompass both problems and
>>> feature requests. The whole thing has been renamed "Quality Control
>>> Center" -- this along with the general overhaul in look-and-feel.
>> Burying Bugzilla under all that marketing crap^H^H^H^H lingo is a big
>> mistake in my opinion. At least you should consider giving technically
>> skilled users direct Bugzilla access without having to face the
>> beautification layer.
> Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but from a usability standpoint, I
> think it's difficult to argue the merits of the previous system over the new
> one.  Hopefully, all the previous functional items are present in the new
> layout, but in any event, I applaud the organization of new system. And I
> would expect the Rev folks will be open to suggestions for improvement.

No offense, but you made me think of Microsoft Bob. The social UI that 
should take usability to new levels, failing to realize that existing UI 
usage patterns were already entrenched and ended up as one of the 
biggest jokes in the computing industry.

I am not trying to draw a parallel here, I just want to make sure that 
those of us who like conformance and standards better than creative 
deviations/distractions aren't left out in the cold...


Geir A. Myrestrand

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