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Thu Dec 21 17:42:08 EST 2006

Chipp Walters wrote:
> On 12/21/06, J. Landman Gay <jacque at hyperactivesw.com> wrote:
>> Or Omaha, where my
>> parents live...can't get much more central than that. We could all go
>> visit the stockyards after hours...
> If I close my eyes and try real hard, I can already see them now. Wait,
> what's that smell?

I'm drifting off topic here now, but my high school was the old capital 
building (before they yanked the capital away and put it in Lincoln,) 
located on a hill overlooking downtown Omaha, just past which was the 
Cudahy meatpacking plant (now closed) and their stockyards. Every fine 
spring day we'd sit in our non-air-conditioned classrooms with the 
windows wide open, and the..um...aroma of the cattle (or what was left 
of them) would gently waft through the windows. It builds character, I 
tell you. You're a Texan, you should know about cattle. ;)

My grandpa used to deliver dead cows to the yards in an old pickup 
truck. After accompanying him once at the age of five, my father never 
did get over it and became a vegetarian for life. Most of us these days 
are pretty divorced from where our food comes from.

On a brighter note, Omaha does have the Henry Doorly Zoo, which is one 
of the best in the country (and it really does take several days to see 
it all.) And the botanical gardens. And I'm sure there's other stuff 
there that smells better too. :)

We return you now to your regularly scheduled Revolution discussion.

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