Solstice salutations!

Judy Perry jperryl at
Wed Dec 20 01:31:19 EST 2006


There are, regrettably, those for whom proper usage of the language isn't
even a priority.

Heard last week during student presentations on the subject of the
computer impact on society vis-a-vis telemedicine and the case of Jeri

"Computers and telemedicine enabled Dr. Jeri Nielsen to perform her own

The student repeated the phrase at least three times.  When I corrected
him, he said, "biopsy, autopsy.. whatever."

I nearly fell off my chair.


On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 FlexibleLearning at wrote:

> >Solstice salutations!
> >>That is SO much better than the  generic "Happy Holidays"!
> >>thanks.
> I concur, and perhaps the  best we can hope for in these hyper-sensitive,
> criticism-aware times.
> But *please* don't get me started on that!
> /H
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