Fun with fonts on Linux

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Tue Dec 19 06:19:34 EST 2006

Peter Alcibiades statement about Fonts and Linux
strikes me 
as rather odd.

"The second problem is that there are two and only two

fonts that will permit the use of larger than 24 point
These are bitstream charter and courier 10 point.  
However, they, like the others,  do not render
so they look pretty terrible."

I make stacks on a Macintosh machine and then move 
them over to a number of Linux boxes - at that point I
to select the font for each text-field (a bit tedious)
however, once I have selected a Linux font the size 
that was set on the Mac returns - regardless of which
font I select.

Unfortunately, if one just sets the font for the stack
or card the text-fields don't seem to inherit

I am using an old version (5.04) of Ubuntu on the PCs
in my school - maybe Ubuntu handles fonts rather
differently to other Linux distros.

I made a font inside the user-home called .fonts (the
. at the start is necessary) and popped all sorts of
TTF fonts in there from all sorts of places -
including from other font folders lurking in my Ubuntu

There are lots of good TTF fonts freely available on
the internet.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson


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