Valentina for Revolution 2.5.1 Released

Lynn Fredricks lynn at
Sun Dec 17 20:42:53 EST 2006

Paradigma Software released a minor update to all database products,
including Valentina Office Server, Valentina Application Developer kits for
creating standalone database applications, and Valentina Embedded Server, a
part of Valentina Developer Network. Developer solutions are available for
the following platforms: Adobe Director, Runtime Revolution, REAL Software's
REALbasic, Apple xCode (C++ and pure Cocoa), COM, .net and Windows-based C++

The release included numerous fixes and improvements requested by developers
plus introduced a new way to set and get date information.

Valentina 2.5 incorporated several new major features. All Valentina 2.5
products gain two new SQL syntax features for reducing complexity in SQL
queries and greatly enhancing data analysis queries:

    * PIVOT, SQL Syntax. Create "virtual cross-tabs" of data results to
greatly enhance data analysis capabilities of applications built around
    * WITH-statement, SQL Syntax. A new Common Table Expression and similar
to Views; the WITH statement acts much like a VIEW that is temporary to the

All Valentina 2.5 business products gain both SSL and automatic network
discovery features, with options available for Valentina Developer Network:

    * SSL Support. Built in SSL support for Valentina Office Server and
Valentina Studio, allowing optionally adding secure communications or
disabling non-SSL communications. An SSL Adapter is available for Valentina
Developer Network for $99.
    * Bonjour Support. Built in Bonjour support (a form of zero-config) for
Valentina Office Server and Valentina Studio. This allows automatic
discovery of a database server on a network. A Bonjour Adapter is available
for Valentina Developer Network for $99.
    * Redesigned Valentina Studio. The database creation, browser, query
builder and server maintenance tool has a new, modern, tabbed interface.

For more information, visit their website at 

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