Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Sun Dec 17 03:45:41 EST 2006

Hi.  Hope this is not too silly a question.  

Does Revolution use the system fonts, or does it ship with its own, and if so, 
where are they?  And if it uses system fonts, where does it expect to find 
them?  There are three reasons for asking. 
(1) When you create (eg) a button, the font sizes offered from the properties 
dialogue are fewer than those offered from the text menu, and fewer than 
those offered by other applications.  But they do at least all work.
(2) From the text menu, there is a larger choice of sizes, but not all the 
sizes you can pick actually work - if you pick too large a font, it reverts 
to a standard small point one. 
(3) In any case, the fonts offered are in both cases far fewer than those 
installed on the system, and fewer than those all the other applications make 
available with no problems or configuration.  

The Revolution program folder doesn't seem to have any fonts in it, and I 
can't find anything in the documentation about where it looks or how to set 
where it looks for fonts.

This is 2.6.1 (Linux) running on Etch AMD64.  Am I missing something 
blindingly obvious?



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