how to transfer icon from "metaCard comptatible icons" to "this stack"

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Thu Dec 14 08:34:42 EST 2006

Bonjour André,

1. Show UI elements in lists
2. Go to the App browseer
3. Locate the revIcons stack that has a lot of substacks.
4. Copy in your stack the ones you use from revCompatibilityIcons 1


Le 14 déc. 06 à 14:07, André.Bisseret a écrit :

> Hi,
> For navigation buttons in a stack I chose icons (arrows etc) in the  
> inspector pane  "MetaCard Compatible icons". All is OK with Runrev.
> But, the icons do not appear when I run the stack with Revolution  
> player or StackRunner (and I suppose it would be the same with a  
> standalone).
> I suppose the solution is to get these icon in the "This stack"  
> pane, in order to be able to choose it from there, but I don't know  
> how to export  from "MetaCard Compatible icons" pane to  the "This  
> stack" pane.
> I thougt I just had to use copy and paste, but infortunately it  
> seems not possible to select an icon in order to copy it ; the pane  
> disappears as soon as I click on any icon (and the icon of the btn  
> is set to it).
> How could I import icons from the metacard compatible icons (or  
> standard icons) in the stack pane ?
> I searched the list' archives but I did not find any precise answer
> Thanks a lot in advance for a solution
> Best regards from Grenoble
> André
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Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
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