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Josh Mellicker josh at
Mon Dec 11 20:51:32 EST 2006

Okay, I have not yet bugzilled yet, and this is not as major as other  
issues... and there is a fine workaround for now, just so everyone  
knows, I have just been working with this and if to fix the "stuck  
over" button problem, just set the hoverIcon to 0 (to disable it),  
set the armedIcon to the same as the icon and swap out the icon  
number manually on mouseEnter, this works perfectly.

On Dec 11, 2006, at 11:24 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 12/11/06 12:15 PM, "Josh Mellicker" <josh at> wrote:
>> hoverIcon is promising but has one bug:
>> It reset icons to the normal "Icon" on mouseLeave, but alas, it does
>> not reset changed buttons upon leaving the card.
>> So, if you click a button that takes you to a different card, and
>> your mouse is moving, whatever icons you are switching will stay
>> "stuck" showing the hoverIcon.
>> Upon returning to the card with the buttons, it looks strange indeed!
>> With some buttons showing over states.
>> I have sadly given up on hoverIcon and gone back to Chipp's idea of
>> manually switching out icons, which works flawlessly.
>> The only solution I can think of, is that upon going to a different
>> card, Rev has to insert code that checks all icons on the card it's
>> leaving, and resets any showing the hoverIcon to the regular Icon.
>> Is this a Bugzillable issue?
> Absolutely! And I'd recommend entering it NOW as they are working  
> on fixing
> bugs for the 2.7.5 release and it would be great to get that fixed  
> right
> away...
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