Custom Property Issue

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Mon Dec 11 04:21:38 EST 2006

On 11 Dec 2006, at 09:01, Scott Kane wrote:

> Hi,
> Not sure what I've got going wrong here but the code below works  
> fine on the second execution but not the first.  A stack is opened  
> (sheet or modal according to OS) and the Stack has a Cancel and  
> Save button.  If the Save button in Clicked the Custom Property  
> ModalResult is set to true and the Stack is send a Hide message  
> from that button.

Scott, in addition to hiding the modal stack, do you also close the  
stack? This is necessary for the script that sent the modal/sheet  
message to  resume. (However, I don't easily see how it would work  
the second time if you didn't close it. But I notice some weird  
behavior when you hide a sheet stack without closing it.)


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