Multi-standalone communication

Jim Lambert jiml at
Fri Dec 8 18:34:04 EST 2006

Dar wrote:
<Process I/O can be possible for inter-rev-app comm under some
circumstances.  One standalone is the controlling app.  The others
are started and ended by the controlling app.  All communication is
to/from/through the controlling app.  There are some gotchas in
process I/O and in using stdin/stdout, but this discussion list is
here.  (The more general approach might be a tree including a chain.)>

This has got me thinking (always dangerous).
Some have lamented the lack of multi-threading in Rev, especially for
serverside work.

Might Dar's approach be the basis for rolling one's own multi-threaded app?
Imagine a REV CGI that talks to the Internet. Based on the type of requests
it gets, it can launch copies of itself, or other more-specialized Rev
executables, to process those requests. Using the inter-app communication
techniques previously discussed, the 'controlling app' manages those sister

Wouldn't the net effect (as it were!) be a kind of multi-threading?

Jim Lambert

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