Passing Values to RunRev from an AppleScript

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Dec 7 07:50:49 EST 2006

Hi Mark and Dave,

> Dave,
> There used to be an AppleScript dictionary for MetaCard. Revolution  
> lost this somehow. It is possible to put it back.
> ...

This already came back with 2.7, at least in 2.7.4.

The necessary file is named "Revolution.rsrc" and should be inside  
the app package in:

> Best,
> Mark
> --
> Economy-x-Talk
>> Hi,
>> I'm using RunRev under the latest version of PowerPC  
>> Tiger and I can't open the dictoinary using Script Editor, and I  
>> can't seem to find anything about RunRev's AppleScripting  
>> capabilities in the docs. Do you know where I can find information  
>> on this?
>> ...
>> Thanks a lot
>> All the Best
>> Dave


Klaus Major
klaus at

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