Passing Values to RunRev from an AppleScript

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Dec 7 07:46:06 EST 2006


There used to be an AppleScript dictionary for MetaCard. Revolution  
lost this somehow. It is possible to put it back. Adding the  
dictionary to the Revolution engine is discussed somewhere in the Use  
List archives. I wouldn't really recommend it if you don't explicitly  
state in the documentation that is distributed with your application  
that your application is scriptable. You can do pretty much  
everything with the do script statement.

You need to change the application referenced in the "tell" statement  
to the name of your standalone, if applicable. Otherwise, you can use  
the name "Revolution". Note however that running multiple copies of  
Revolution or your standalone may cause unexpected results while  
running your script. I think there is a workaround for this by  
referencing to a process, but I don't know how this works. (Maybe  
someone else knows?)




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Op 7-dec-2006, om 12:35 heeft Dave het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> I'm using RunRev under the latest version of PowerPC  
> Tiger and I can't open the dictoinary using Script Editor, and I  
> can't seem to find anything about RunRev's AppleScripting  
> capabilities in the docs. Do you know where I can find information  
> on this?
> One specific question:
> Do I need to change to the application referenced in the "tell"  
> statement depending on whether I am running under the IDE or as a  
> Standalone?
> Thanks a lot
> All the Best
> Dave

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