Passing Values to RunRev from an AppleScript

Dave dave at
Thu Dec 7 06:26:01 EST 2006

On 1 Dec 2006, at 17:35, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 12/1/06 11:03 AM, "Dave" <dave at> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Does anyone know how I could pass a value back to RunRev from an
>> AppleScript that is being run via the do myAppleScript as
>> "AppleScript" command?
>> I can pass back a return value, but this stops the script from
>> running, I would like to pass something back but have the script
>> continue to run.
> The only way I could think of would be to have AppleScript "tell" your
> application something in the middle of its processing using the "do  
> script"
> command, but this would execute a handler in your code instead of just
> passing back a value...
> Just curious: What are you having AppleScript do that you want to get
> results back in the middle the executing AppleScript?

Sorry for the late reply, I had to do some traveling and couldn't  
keep up with all the mail!

I have a stack that is used to generate AppleScript's based on  
parameters entered by the user. Basically there is an AppleScript  
template and I substitute the right parameters and then execute it.  
The reason I would like to be able to pass back values from the  
Application Script to RunRev is so I could display a "trace" as to  
progress in the AppleScript and also as a debugging aid.

I could easily do as you suggest and use "tell myApp", but I'm not  
quite sure how I would go about writing the RunRev handler. For  
instance how would I  pass the message "Hello World" from an  
applescript and have it display this message at the end of a field in  

Thanks a lot and All the Best

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