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Hi Mikey,

You can always connect to Access databases via ODBC - setup a DSN and open a connection to it. If you need to create new .mdb files, it's a little trickier as you'd have to create an empty .mdb file, duplicate that, create a DSN on the fly and then manipulate it from Revolution.

Good luck,

Jan Schenkel.
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I have a really interesting project that I'm going to be starting here
shortly, but it has a problem - I need to be able to generate Access
database files as output (and then zip them).

I'd love to be able to do this one in RR, because there will be a
significant amount of parsing, and chunk expressions are SO perfect
for that.

However, if I can't use RR to (easily) generate .mdb files then I'm
going to be forced to use one of the other tools at my disposal.


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