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Mon Dec 4 15:10:47 EST 2006

Mark Schonewille wrote:
> For example, it allows me to extend the errorLib plugin to show up if  
> Rev's script editor encounters a compile error. It also allows me to  
> automate error checking in scripts that temporarily change the script  
> of an object in a standalone. I am sure this message could be used  
> for some nice features in your Devolution and probably other stacks  
> of yours.
> Of course, I can check the result after setting the script of an  
> object, but by removing the message Revolution Ltd causes unnecessary  
> additional work for me and others who used to use this message, which  
> is my main point.

I think you may be alone here.  If I read Mark's comment correctly, Rev 
hasn't used that message in a long time, and looking through the MC IDE 
it seems it's been dormant there as well in favor of checking the 
result, since at least half a decade ago.

It'll be tough to make a business case for reverting to the message 
after all this time, esp. given the convenient immediacy of just 
checking the result.

Look at it this way:  Sure, it's extra work, but you do it once, it only 
takes a few minutes, and it's done forever.

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