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Mon Dec 4 12:21:29 EST 2006

That worked great. Thanks

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Hi jhonken,

The answer command places the label of the clicked button into the it  
Then "it" has changed next time you use it.
But your thinking about using dateItems is right ;-)

local tDate,tYear,tMonth,tDay
   put the short date into tDate
   convert tDate from short date to dateItems
   put item 1 of tDate into tYear
   put item 2  of tDate into tMonth
   put item 3 of tDate into tDay -- not char
   answer tYear & cr & tMonth & cr & tDay

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet

Le 4 déc. 06 à 17:43, jhonken a écrit :

> I'm trying to get the system date broken up into 3 variables.  Year, 
> Month, Date.  I'm trying
> put the Date into it
>   convert it to dateItems
>   answer it
>   put item 1 of it into TYear
>   put item 2  of it into TMonth
>   put char 3 of it into TDay
>   answer TYear
>   answer TMonth
>   answer TDay
> I get an 2006,12,4,2,0,0,2 for the first answer then I get an "OK"
> then
> answer that are empty.  Can someone please tell me where I'm erroring.


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