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Sat Dec 2 21:30:02 EST 2006

Mark Schonewille wrote:

 > Op 3-dec-2006, om 2:07 heeft Richard Gaskin het volgende geschreven:
 >> Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
 >> Without that, by what means can the IDE know to report that a
 >> script cannot be compiled due to a syntax error?
 > It looks like the script editor checks the result and then emulates
 > the old scriptParsinError message.

It worked reliably for years, so why ditch it and put in all the extra 
work reproducing the same thing in script?

And how does that script work?  Are there undocumented messages and/or 
functions at play?

I look forward to the explanation which will change my impression of 
this from "disturbing" to "brilliant" -- or simply putting back the 
tried-and-true token and moving on to truly important changes....

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