Revolution and the Web, feedback wanted, Part 1 of 3

Ken Ray kray at
Fri Dec 1 11:19:00 EST 2006

>> Now I'm confused.  I thought MetaCard didn't have all the gui niceties
>> that RR does, and was more of a text engine.  So since I apparently
>> have no idea how we got where we are, can you expand a bit more on
>> what MetaCard was?  Was this just a simple case of RR saying "Hey,
>> this is great, but we can make it better"?
> The Revolution engine is the Metacard engine...Revolution was
> originally just an alternative IDE, but along the way RunRev actually
> aquired the engine itself. I don't know the exact status of Metacard
> as a product now.

MetaCard is no longer a product. The IDE from the original MetaCard (i.e.
pre-acquisition by RunRev) plus some minor enhancements/bug fixes is being
maintained as open-source at:

So basically the "Metacard engine" stopped being the "MetaCard engine" when
the transfer to RunRev took place and became the "Revolution Engine".
However, the Revolution engine now powers several IDEs - the Revolution IDE
(plain), the Revolution IDE with Galaxy enhancements, and the MetaCard IDE.

Clear as mud?


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