Mikey mikeythek at
Fri Dec 1 19:53:02 EST 2006

> You'd think in this day and age, Apple would make Safari a compliant
> browser, especially since Mozilla Firefox is open source, works on Macs and
> complies to the latest standards (perhaps it may even be considered the
> standard at this point).
Hey, Chipp,

I don't know why Morfik doesn't work on Safari.  They (Morfik) says
it's a bug, but I don't know enough about it to comment one way or the

Granted Safari is in a teeny-ish minority (I believe somewhere around
10% at last count, if I recall correctly), and Opera, FF, and IE (and
I believe that BumperCar, Camino and iCab do, too, although I think
BumperCar and Camino are both based on FF's codebase) all seem to
work, but I guess without knowing why there is a problem I don't know
if we can say one way or another that it's Apple's fault.  You would
think they would go out of their way to behave in a similar way to the
others, but I'm not sure why they don't.  There may be a really good
design reason.

Regardless, Morfik claims they're going to fix the Safari issue shortly.

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