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Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Fri Dec 1 16:14:57 EST 2006


For all who don't have Galaxy, I have uploaded last year a stack on  

User: sosmartsoftware
Stack: Smart Script Search
Description: This utility parses all scripts in any open stack  
searching for lines of code where any string is present AND any  
another one is absent.
Its main purpose, but it's configurable, is to find orphan puts...

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet

Le 1 déc. 06 à 20:28, Stephen Barncard a écrit :

> just for the record, Jerry Daniel's Galaxy has a feature where you put
>          *put
> into the search field and it will find all the 'dangling puts'. Use  
> it all the time.
>> Hi Jim and all,
>> IMHO, you guys are making it too hard.
>> I've intentionally developed a habit of always putting test info  
>> '& cr after msg'. Then when I'm done, I can easily find all  
>> occurrences of 'after msg' and delete'em.

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