Mikey mikeythek at
Fri Dec 1 12:15:08 EST 2006

> Its not working with Safari at all and the $5000 price tag was all I
> had to see this wasn't for me. Also, as expected, the standalones are
> pc-only.
1) Apparently you haven't been following this thread but that's ok,
it's getting long.  Safari problem is a bug, it's on the bug list as
you will see if you look at the bug list (I might have been the one
who submitted it).  I think that fix is scheduled for the next beta
release, but I don't remember exactly.  However, it works fine in FF
on the Mac, unless they broke something in the last release (I haven't
checked it against my Mac in a bit).

2) I think your statement about standalones is out of date.  Do you
have the latest release?  Do you have the release schedule?  I'm
pretty sure the current release supports Linux builds.  Maybe I'm
wrong and it's the next release.

3) It.  Doesn't.  Cost.  $5,000.  When you buy something on rebate,
and you take it back later, do they give you the list price?  No?  Why
was that?  Oh, right.  BECAUSE YOU PAID THE SALE PRICE.  Rant about
the price when and if the price goes up.
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