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Thu Sep 29 21:47:03 EDT 2005

On 9/29/05 7:12 PM, "Fred Giannetto" <fgiannet at> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I am evaluating the software and have a couple of foolish questions.

Welcome, Fred! No questions are foolish!
> 1) It seems the fields are only returning absolute value.  The script is
> performing the math correctly but the field returns all negative values as
> absolute values.  Is there a setting or a way around this?

Well, without knowing what the script is that is executing, it would be hard
to give you an answer. Can you post the script you're executing?
> 2) I have connected to my Access database and results are returned.  I am
> unable to go back to previous records however.  I can only go to the next
> record or refresh the query.  Is this a limitation in a library and what is
> the way around it?  I believe I saw another post suggesting an array be
> used.

You should be able to use 'revDB_moveprev' in order to move back one record
at a time. Rather than using a cursor (recordset), it may be more efficient
(if there's not a ton of data) to retrieve all the data at once into a
variable (or array) and then walk though that. If you need help in doing
this, please let us know.

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