another yucky geometry question

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Sep 26 16:57:21 EDT 2005

 > Does anyone know a good place to look for ( or know of any
 > example stacks) that might shed light on how to plot an
 > ellipse inscribed within a 4 sided polygon

Is it necessary to _plot_ an ellipse, or do you really just want to 
_have_ an ellipse?

For 2D, you could take the nearest point of the poly and use that as the 
bounds for an ellipse primitive.

For 3D, far smarter minds than yours and mine have already crafted 
specialized libraries to do that and much more (I think there's a 3D 
engine in the works for Rev).

3D rendering is such a big wheel it's hardly worth reinventing, and 
unlikely to be satisfying in the long run if reinvented in a scripting 

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