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> It took me 18 months to straighten out the menus in my stacks (this while
> reading the docs, Dan's book, notes on this forum - I also consulted some to 
> the
> best brains in the Rev world). In the end the solution is simple:
> 1. Build menus on a stack before adding cards. If the stack has cards, build
> the menus on a new one-card stack and import the data
> 2. Do not put the menu group inside another group (like the usual background
> group). Also do not put the background group inside the menu group (yes, 
> this
> IS possible).
> Geoff Canyon's Navigator plugin is essential for sorting out all of this.
> How many potential users have we lost because of this ongoing menu madness?
> Paul Looney

I understand the madness with menus. I also found a very simple solution. 
When you can't edit the menu choose the menubar group in the inspector. Then 
uncheck "Behave like a background" This will allow you to edit the menubar. Be 
sure when you're finished with your editing that you recheck "Behave like a 

WOW I can finally help someone in this group. That's a first for this newbie! 

Joe, Orlando, Florida.

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