The detailed files on Windows

MisterX b.xavier at
Mon Sep 26 12:27:45 EDT 2005

Hi David 

> I am playing with the detailed files and was surprised to 
> discover that if a filename is changed in the OS, this 
> doesn't count as being modified, at least on Mac.  Is that 
> also true on Win?

no, but it counts as "accessed".

> If it *is* true, is there a way (on Win) of finding out if a 
> filename has been changed since the date the file was created?

yes and no. This is recorded in the windows audit events though
so yes. but only if you are using auditing of files in the GPOs
(AD) or the user priviledges in NT4 domain. So only if implemented
that way.

> Also, on Win, if a file is viewed via asset management 
> software, or a slideshow, or referenced by a Rev image 
> object, will that get recorded in the 'accessed' of the 
> detailed files?

depends on:
- NAS system
- OS
- Application

Test first. is it a client requirement? 
It can also change depending on upgrades.
I've seen it happen.

backup and AV software is usually aware of this. But check

> Sorry these are more OS than Rev questions, but I am still 
> saving for my Windows stack  testing box.

windows 95 is not aware of auditing I think...

NT5 and up should be if you turn it on. 


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