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DAT is 48Khz as was used for sample or track recording - still used a bit...
Now, it's pretty much digital...

Synths can generate up to 32bit 96Khz woah sounds... that can make a

Sound cards can do 96KHz or more... If you want to output sound, it's good
to know.

I got a high quality no trouble Terratec 96Khz/32bit that's great, it mixes
digital audio and the midi has pratically no latency (wait in ms for midi
throughput). for 100$/EUs that's cool... works everywhere, high quality...
BUT, more programs or sounds you encounter use 44 KHz... 

if that didn't interest you at all, here's something else to consider 

I find that "high" sound quality actually doesn't really matter - background
noise for one... And if you have the right speakers, it always sounds good
(to a degree) - but viceversa? What sounds good in these speakers can be
"different" in a laptop... I know because I produce music on the laptop too
when I get creative ;D. Lots can't be heard in the laptop or smaller
earphones, but surprise when you hear it in the good speakers - the bad
surprises is doing viceversa... (to a degree, you could blast your ears
shortly with it...)

something to consider... 

Maybe avoid lengthy loading sound stacks as one big file (all in one custom
prop)... Jacke, you said you had 100's... I know you guys want to protect
your media BUT there's many many many games out there with music, effects,
voices and being able to "customize" or humanize it (my prefered way of
seeing modding) is something that many see as a "feature" - others can see
it as a marketing way... If moft gets caught with it, you win the lotery ;)

I know this is a different market, but you want to look mainstream, maybe
acting like it would be on par with your user license agreement... 

Xample: GTR came out in German... grrr everyone loves German (usualy for
their cars or car games ;) but not many understand it.
Because the media (screens, dialogs, voices, etc) where in folders, and
editable, they could be customized for french, spanish, etc and english for
everyone - result: more clients...

my 2 cents

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> For all intents and purposes you are right, although I 
> believe "technically"
> 48K is considered actual CD quality.
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