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On 9/23/05 5:08 PM, "Timothy Miller" <gandalf at>

> We had a little thread on this a week or two ago. Several users
> confirmed the problem. Some had fast machines, so I guess the speed
> of my machine is not the main problem. I think they were all Mac
> users. I never did figure out if this is a Macintosh-only issue.
> None of the gurus on the list ever replied. Well... no one's
> obligated of course. It seems like a non-trivial issue, even if it is
> a bit on the minor side. I'm wondering why none of the true wireheads
> replied. Or maybe someone did and I missed it.

No, I don't think they did... personally I have only seen this *extremely
rarely* when there's a ton of text in a field (like several hundred K), but
since 99% of the apps I'm working on don't ever get to that point, I didn't
respond since it didn't really happen to me.

Also, as to your "90% CPU at idle" comment from the last thread, check to
see if you've got a default OS X button visible - the "throbbing" action of
the button sucks up CPU like nobody's business. If you turn off the
"default" property, you should get it back to normal again.

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