Clipboard madness

David Burgun dburgun at
Thu Sep 22 21:39:54 EDT 2005

Almost the same on Mac, even using the IDE, sometimes you Command+S 
and nothing happens, but then you select the same option from the 
Menu Bar and it works!

Drives me mad, but there really is a problem with keyboard shortcuts.

Bye for now

>that's still doesn't explain why you can't:
>- copy from a stack with no menubar and when the revmenubar is there
>- use the script editors menu shortcuts when you are in the script editor
>- why copy wont work with control-c or control-ins - there's only one
>- why other rev shortcuts work when the revmenu doesn't (there's a
>backscript called revshortcuts but it doesn't help)
>- why it's not enough to activate a window with a menubar but you actually
>have to click in the menu to make it listen to your shortkeys (script editor
>sorry, but I got the hardened fingers to prove this anyway you want...
>Is this working wrong only on PCs maybe again?
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>MisterX wrote:
>>  there's no passing of the control key if you have a menubar that
>>  doesn't handle it while this is a rev-command. This would have never
>>  failed in hypercard as I remember the good old days...
>Exactly, and that is how it should work. If I have a custom menu bar and I
>have disabled or omitted the "copy" command, that means I do not want to
>allow copying. It would be a bug if copying was active in this case.
>Control/command key shortcuts are intended to initiate menu functions.
>If you want the ability to use them, then include those functions in your
>menus. I don't see any bug here.
>HyperCard was different because it had no "real" menus. They were all
>simulated, and all keystrokes eventually made their way to the engine if
>they were not trapped. This made HyperCard standalones behave differently
>than other applications. Revolution's implementation is more consistent and
>allows stack authors to script reliable menu behavior.
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