Building Standalones with Panther/Tiger

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Sep 22 19:25:32 EDT 2005

>  >When I double-click on a Panther-built copy on a Tiger machine the
>  >dock twitches briefly as if it's about to show the program icon and
>  >then nothing.
> Stupid question: How do you transfer the apps from one computer to the
> other? Are you using stuff-it to pack it before transfer? Have you
> tried a memory stick or CD-R with an uncompressed app? I have seen that
> behaviour with a broken stuff-it version before (Jaguar/Panther in that
> case).

I have seen this before and it is a permissions problem caused (as
Malte suggests) by copying an uncompressed app from one computer to
another. The system version has nothing to do with it as far as I
know. Panther & Tiger both have built-in compression. Right-click
(control-click) on the application and choose "Create archive..." to
make a zip file that can easily be transferred.


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